Echinops is a type of flower commonly known as a “globe thistle.” Choosing this as a symbol of our company is our way of seeing something that we love become a reality. Whether it is the rebirth of a piece of furniture or a new start for someone who had been caught in difficult circumstances, we at Echinops hope to connect and create new beginnings.

Global thistles have thorns and crop up around the world seemingly without purpose. Yet, as the dazzling blue flower suggests, we can make a world of difference for those who are hurting and need  to grow beyond their circumstances to become something beautiful that will be able to grace the environment with their presence.

As we work with battered furniture to bring about beauty, or with people who do not yet see their true value, we hope to transform the lives of all those who benefit from this endeavor producing a beautiful outcome. We love seeing amazing transformations and hope that you will too!



We are working to be a social freedom business, promoting education and viable sustainable solutions for women in South Asia; to provide money for schooling, small business start-ups and training centers. This will give women opportunities to support themselves and their families through meaningful employment.



Our business endeavor is to up-cycle furniture, household items and everything else, to be treasured in a new way. We hope to bring furnishings and fabrics together in unique combinations to add style and inspiration to any living space inside and out.